Ava Walker
Homestate: Ohio

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Ava Walker, born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 7th, 1990 is an author, motivational speaker, screenwriter, and entertainment entrepreneur.  She is the only girl out of 8 children who also grew up in the foster care system from age 2 until she became an adult. By the age of 14, she was homeless, and then, at 16, she became a teenage mother. Months after she gave birth to her daughter, she was sent to a 3rd foster home.


Ava grew up being ashamed and had a lot of anger being labeled as a foster child. Throughout her youth and early adulthood, she struggled because she didn’t have the essentials that made her feel normal. For example she said at times she went without feminine products as a teen that she was embarrassed to share with her friends. She turned to writing to heal her pain. In 2014, she published a children’s book titled I'm More Than a Foster Child.  In the book, she reveals how growing up in foster care shapes a child's mindset. Her book was well received by audiences throughout Ohio and beyond. The book is now on display at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital for patients to read.  She plans to travel around the world to share her story and how she overcame the foster care system statistics. 

With the success of  I Am More Than a Foster Child" she decided to fulfill her childhood dreams by creating a reality show based on the book


Ava believes her faith, passion, rejection, and criticism are what fuel her ambition to bring her dreams to life. Ava's ultimate desire is to become a hero to the next generation by helping and inspiring millions of foster youths to overcome self-esteem issues. Today Ava is amazed at how far she has come despite growing up in foster care. She dedicates her success to God, her children and all foster youths.

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Homestate: Washington

A'Noelle, performed as Mercy Jones on the TV show, The Librarians, formerly on the TNT Network. Also, A'Noelle landed a principal role in the Credit Sesame Commercial, which was featured regionally throughout the United States during the Superbowl in 2018. 


In 2018, A'Noelle decided to pack up her car and move to Los Angeles, which proved to be an enlightening experience. Within months, she secured an agent and booked the AT&T campaign, Kings of Style, featuring A$AP Rocky and Dapper Dan. 


A'Noelle’s greatest passion is helping other film professionals and youth reach their fullest potential. She speaks professionally throughout the United States about her acting journey in hopes to encourage the next generation of actors and film artists to achieve their dreams. Now, she is currently writing a book affectionately named,  Love Sister. In the book, she talks about her life journey as well as shares all of the advice her oldest sister, Leslie Harris, gave to her throughout the years.